In the wake of Hayden Kennedy’s and Inge Perkin’s loss, we will be suspending the Mugs Stump Award for the 2018 season to allow members of the committee and the community time for mourning, remembrance and reflection. Any surplus funds from last year will be donated toward the Hayden Kennedy Public Lands Defense Fund ( fund created by Michael and Julie Kennedy to provide resources for the protection of public lands in America. We encourage you to join us in honoring Hayden and Inge by giving in this way. In an unfinished book proposal, Hayden had written, “Thoughtful climbing and making a conscious effort to protect the areas that we find so powerful must happen as we progress into the future. I have spent my entire life running rivers, skiing in the mountains, hiking in the forests, breathing the thin air, watching the void grow below as I climb higher, but all of this doesn’t matter if we lose access to these protected lands or if we don’t respect them."

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More About the Mugs Stump Award


All of the alpine objectives awarded embody the spirit of the late Mugs Stump. Mugs Stump was best known for his first ascent of the Emperor Face on Mount Robson in the Canadian Rockies and a triptych of brilliant Alaskan climbs—the East Face of the Moose's Tooth, the Moonflower Buttress on Mount Hunter, and a one-day solo of Denali's Cassin Ridge. He sought out striking and highly technical objectives, preferably first ascents, in some of the most remote mountains of the world. Mugs saw climbing as a celebration of boldness, purity, and simplicity.

Applications are reviewed for how they further the legacy of Mugs Stump with climbs proposed in the spirit of adventure and exploration, and that emphasize light, fast, leave-no-trace climbing. Award applicants are evaluated on the strength of their objective, the strength of their team, and on an objective that raises the bar defining what is possible in alpinism today. For more information on the award, past recipients and their trip reports visit Applications are due by December 1 and trips must be taken between March, of the year awarded, and the following February. Winners will be announced by January 31st of each year.


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